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2010年3月 2日 (火)


Not Lame はまだ新譜情報更新がないので、とりあえず見送りです。
アマゾン日米、CD Babyの3店への発注です。


John Hiatt "Open Road"
The Jack Fords "Bent Outta Shape"
Blue Rodeo "The The Things We Left Behind"
Jason & The Scorchers "Halcyon Times"
Texas Tornados "Esta Bueno"
Graham Parke "Imaginary Television"
Sleepy LaBeef "The Bull's Night Out/Western Gold"
Boo Hewerdine "Harmonograph"
Boo Hewerdine "Toy Box No. 2"
Boo Hewerdine "God Bless The Pretty Things"
Boo Hewerdine "Anon"
The Wondermints "Kaleidoscopin': Exploring Prisms of the Past"
Dr. Feelgood "Oil City Confidential: the Story of Dr. Feelgood"
Reckless Kelly  "Somewhere in Time"
Allison Moorer "Crows"
Camera Obscura "My Maudlin Career"
The Plebeians "The Plebeians"

Vanity Set "Little Stabs at Happiness"
Green Peppers "Joni's Garden"
Flint Zeigler "New Harmony Sessions"
Donovan's Brain "Defeat of Echoes"
Johnny Gimble "Celebrating With Friends"
Boo Hewerdine "Toy Box No.1"
Patricia Vonne "Guitars & Castanets"
Pete Palladino "50:45 Alive"
The Explosives "Three Ring Circus"
Justin Levinson "Bury Your Love"
Bedsit Poets "Rendezvous"
José Luis Perales "En Directo: 35 Anos"

【CD Baby】
Rebecca Rippy -Secrets-
Christine Santelli: Christine Santelli
Christine Santelli: Season Of A Child
James Low: The Blackguard''s Waltz
Horst-Peter Schmidt: Phoenix
The Dimes: The King Can Drink the Harbour Dry
The Corner Laughers: Tomb Of Leopards
David England: Little Death
Juke Joint Gamblers: Gas Money
MC Hansen Band: Bogrough Junction
The Brothers Figaro Orchestra: Old Time Christmas
Tody Castillo: Windhorse


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